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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Plugins in SVN
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 12:17:41 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Now that plugins are in trunk we could do with at least one example that 
>>is easily accessible. I have two plugins available, both alpha but both 
>>working, I would like to commit these to SVN as examples (they are 
>>useful too!).
>>They are
>>IMSManifest - replaces sites.xml and tabs.xml with IMS standard manifest 
>>file (also has pre-alpha code for including one content object in 
>>another - works but with some nasty hacks in the code)
>>feeder - very simple plugin to read an RSS feed and render it within a 
>>Forrest site
>>The question is where to put them. Here are the options I have though of:
>>- a new module "plugins" with subdirectories for each of the plugins
>>- a new module for each plugin "IMSManifest_plugin", "feeder_plugin" etc.
>>- in scratchpad until we think of something better
>>- ????
>>So comments?
> I think option a) /plugins/*/
> Wondering ...
> Does that allow people to just do 'svn checkout' of the
> particular plugin that they are interested in?

Yes, you can checkout any portion of a tree so "svn co 
https://..../trunk/plugins/feeder feeder-plugin" would co the feeder 
plugin to a local directory called seeder-plugin.

> Do we need trunk and branches for that?

It is not a necessity, but I believe that there could be a time when it 
would be very handy. I can't give a use case right now, but I feel there 
will be one sometime, it is amazing how complex things can get when 
plugins start to interact and create dependencies on one another.

> Is this "plugins" a sub-project of Forrest? Like "forrestbot" etc.
> I think so.

I think so too. I would like to see us using this plugin framework to 
strip out all the non-essential functionality. Remember Sean recent 
comment about only partial implementation of features. This is true if 
we have all the "extras" that have been bolted in, but if you strip 
Forrest down to its core functionality it is very complete.

It will also help to address some of the concerns about incompleteness 
of some support (i.e. Open Office) reflecting badly on Forrest itself.

> Are there other Apache projects, or any project actually,
> that does plugins and uses SVN? We could model our svn setup.

I suppose Cocoon Blocks are similar (but far more complex), I'm not sure 
how they are proposing organising SVN for blocks. At present they are in 
the main trunk in a blocks folder (which is how I was working on the 
branch and how Juan thinks we could work here).


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