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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Handling of non-documentvXX XML files
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 00:07:07 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Christian Roth wrote:
>>>what happens to custom XML documents that do not conform to any version
>>>of the document-vXX.dtd (or any of the default DTDs with provided
>>>conversions), but are nevertheless valid according to the declared
>>>DOCTYPE and reside in the xdocs folder? Are they passed through Forrest
>>>and Cocoon 1:1 and wind up finally at the skin's document2html.xsl
>>>stylesheet, or are they blocked from passing through Forrest at all?
>>If I understand correctly, any XML file that is not supported by Forrest 
>>will be ignored, probably not the best behaviour, an error message would 
>>be more appropriate.
> See the full story at:
> You cannot just bang things into Forrest and hope that it works.
> New document types must be specifically handled.

Yes, but I think we (the devs) can make life a little easier in this 
respect by having Forrest behave a little differently when it can't cope 
with a document. At present we generate a blank page (with navigation of 
course), perhaps we should generate a page that says "you tried to view 
an unsupported document type, to add support see the documentation at..."

I'll ad a feature request for this (admittedly low priority).

>>Forrest supports more than just Document** format though, for a list of 
>>XML doctypes supported see the action called "sourcetype" in 
>>forrest.xmap (XHTML is also supported). If you want to work with a file 
>>in a different format you must provide an XSL stylesheet for converting 
>>from your format to Document20 and configure Forrest to use it.
> Not quite. Forrest's internal document format is still
> document-v1* and not yet document-v2*

Ooops, my mistake.


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