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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject [VOTE] Merge plugins branch
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 14:19:43 GMT
A few days ago it was proposed that we merge the plugins branch with 
trunk. I resisted at the time because there were a few things I wanted 
to do in the branch first. However, these are now done. The plugins 
system now works in a fully automated fashion and I am confident it does 
not break backward compatibility (although further testers are always 

At present there is no core functionality removed from trunk and placed 
in a plugin. Instead I have created two new plugins:

IMSManifest - replaces site.xml and tabs.xml with an IMSManifest file. 
This is a complex structure not suitable for editing by hand, but there 
is a GUI editor at and my own Burrokeet project 
is developing an Eclipse based editing framework for this structure. 
This plugin also enables content to be included in a site from some 
other site stored in a repository, however, this functionality is very 
much alpha (the code even has some hard coded path information in it at 
present - not good!)

feeder - very simple start to including syndicated content in a Forrest 
site. At present it will take an RSS2.0 feed and crate an XDOC.

The code for both of these can be donated to Forrest (we will need to 
start a new module I think, but that is for a different thread).

So, shall I merge the branch at this time?

I think the process is if I don't get any -1's in 36 hours I can go 
ahead, is that right?


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