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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Move plugins to trunk?
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 18:49:07 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>> Now that we have released (thanks to all involved :-), I'd like to see 
>> the new plugin system into the trunk if it doesn't break existing 
>> behaviour. :-)
> It's not quite ready for that. There are two small jobs to do:
> 1) automate the last stage of plugin automation (i.e. write the sitemap 
> snippet into the plugins sitemap)

I haven't looked at the plugins code yet, so I might be way off here.. 
but if we could write a cocoon generator (or other thingy.. I don't 
know) to automatically pull the current plugins that'd probably be much 
better than having to update a plugins sitemap.

For simplicity's sake, wouldn't it be ok to just have the user modify 
that sitemap?  It's in the project dir, right?

> 2) write a configuration system so that any functionality we take out of 
>  Forrest core will automatically be included, unless explicitly 
> excluded. This is to maintain backward compatibility. My idea is that we 
> have a property in like:
> required.plugins=openOffice, docbook, IMSManifest

Sounds good, the property probably should have a "project." prefix.

> The value in would be:
> required.plugins=openOffice, docbook [any other content moved from 0.6 
> into plugins]
> The value in (in the seed site) will be:
> required.plugins=
> This will allow new projects to use a leaner Forrest whilst old projects 
> will not have the required.plugins property specified so will fall back 
> to the default.
> Having said that, since there is no functionality taken from 0.6 in the 
> branch we could merge now and do the above work in trunk.
> There is also the issue that Sean Wheller was having actually getting 
> the branch to work. I never saw his logs so I am not sure what the 
> problem was. Myself and Clay had no problem with it but if it bit one 
> person, it may bite another. Perhaps someone could test the branch on 
> their existing sites.
> I'm hoping to be able to do the above two tasks this weekend so should 
> we wait or not?
> Ross

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