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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Move plugins to trunk?
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 15:21:11 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Now that we have released (thanks to all involved :-), I'd like to see 
> the new plugin system into the trunk if it doesn't break existing 
> behaviour. :-)

It's not quite ready for that. There are two small jobs to do:

1) automate the last stage of plugin automation (i.e. write the sitemap 
snippet into the plugins sitemap)

2) write a configuration system so that any functionality we take out of 
  Forrest core will automatically be included, unless explicitly 
excluded. This is to maintain backward compatibility. My idea is that we 
have a property in like:

required.plugins=openOffice, docbook, IMSManifest

The value in would be:

required.plugins=openOffice, docbook [any other content moved from 0.6 
into plugins]

The value in (in the seed site) will be:


This will allow new projects to use a leaner Forrest whilst old projects 
will not have the required.plugins property specified so will fall back 
to the default.

Having said that, since there is no functionality taken from 0.6 in the 
branch we could merge now and do the above work in trunk.

There is also the issue that Sean Wheller was having actually getting 
the branch to work. I never saw his logs so I am not sure what the 
problem was. Myself and Clay had no problem with it but if it bit one 
person, it may bite another. Perhaps someone could test the branch on 
their existing sites.

I'm hoping to be able to do the above two tasks this weekend so should 
we wait or not?


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