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From Rick Tessner <>
Subject Re: [Important] please test the release candidate
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 21:12:12 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Please everybody do that, not just the committers.

Hi all,


RC: apache-forrest-0.6.tar.gz (MD5: c1a9ee2e6c604c62933a39234ba8dabe)
OS: Linux (SuSE 9.0)
Java: 1.4.2 (build 1.4.2-b28)
Browsers: Firefox 1.0 PR and Galeon 1.3.14
Servlet Engine: Jetty 4.2.21 (under above OS and java)

        1.  Forrest Docs
            (a) forrest site
            (b) forrest run
            (c) forrest war
        2.  Seed Site
            (a) forrest site
            (b) forrest run
            (c) forrest war

Issues (Minor)

1. Odd behaviour with Search box on both the seed and Forrest docs. This
    happens with the "forrest site", "forrest run" and "forrest war".

    To reproduce,

     1.  Clear browser cache
     2.  Bring up build/site/index.html.  Note position of search
         box.  I'm seeing in top right corner, immediately below
         the div.breadtrail.
     3.  Refresh button on browser.  Search box moves to immediately
         above the div#publishedStrip.   Seen in both Firefox 1.0PR
         and Galeon 1.3.14.

2. publishedStrip colouring

   [ I believe this is the same issue identified by Ross G. in ]

   This happens under a "forrest site", "forrest run" and "forrest war"

   Under the seed site, the publishedStrip element (where the sub-tags
   and published message appear) has the same colour as the unselected
   tabs.  This has a bit of a odd look to it.

   The Forrest Docs themselves do not have this issue.  The selected tab,
   publishedStrip and left navigation menu all have the same colour
   giving a sense of "unity".

Issue (Major or higher)

None found. :)

IT Firefighting and Prevention

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