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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Forrest plugin
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 19:34:37 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> In addition, after reading their site, we may need to change the plugin 
> name to (and also the files, e.g., 
>, etc. but then again, IANAL)

Why is that? It's not a problem and we can do it when we move over to 
the plugin, just wondering why, I assume its a licensing issue.

>> One small point, the xmap is called "sitemap.xmap" not "openOffice.xmap".
> OK. FWIW, that came from the first item in my results:
> [clay@Clay-Leeds-Computer forrest]$ find . -iname *openoffice*
> ./plugins/demoIMSSite/src/documentation/openOffice.xmap
>  Is this file something different?

No. It's just that the plugins are mounted in the forrest sitemaps by 
mounting the plugins/PLUGIN_NAME/sitemap.xmap file.

>> What do you mean "the download"? The idea is the same as with custom 
>> skins, a config file will indicate what plugins are required to build 
>> a site (this does not exist as yet). When someone does "forrest *" one 
>> of the first actions of Forrest is to ensure it has the necessary 
>> plugins available. Any that are missing are automaticaly downloaded 
>> and installed.
> By 'download' I mean 'forrest distribution'. And by "automatically 
> downloaded and installed"... It'll try and download it v for you? 
> Nice... 

Yes. I can't take credit for that, I simply copied Nicola Ken's skin 
download stuff and adapted it a little. This is the bit we need to work 
on to remove cut and paste code that is now duplicated across both the 
skin and plugin stuff.

> But does 'it' know to use svn, etc. or would it just use curl? 
> and what if curl wasn't installed?

There is one or more plugins registry file that tells Forrest where to 
download the plugin from and what protocol to use (see 
This is located at the place defined in 

so it will eventually be located on as the 
skin descriptors file is.

Ultimately, it is ANT that does the downloading so any protocol ANT can 
handle is OK. To see how it all comes together see the ANT targets in

> I can start whenever you get me the code changes you've made. If those 
> changes are based on HEAD, then I'll need to run the /svn switch .../ 
> command again. 

I recommend doing the changes in the branch. The reason being that there 
is some stuff (like the style handling) that needs to be agreed upon by 
the community as a whole. Since we are getting trunk ready for the 0.6 
release I'd hate to upset folk. There are no major commits to trunk on 
the affected files since the branch so we are OK there.

> Thanks! This is exciting! And also, if you can point me toward the 
> Cocoon docs I should look to for this, that would help too. But if 
> you're busy, this can wait...

I think we'll wait on this one. I am not very confident with my Cocoon 
stuff and would rather throw this open to comment when we are ready to 
do it. I'd hate to set us off on the wrong road.


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