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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Forrest plugin
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 19:52:09 GMT
On Oct 6, 2004, at 12:34 PM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> In addition, after reading their site, we may need to change the  
>> plugin name to (and also the files, e.g.,  
>>, etc. but then again, IANAL)
> Why is that? It's not a problem and we can do it when we move over to  
> the plugin, just wondering why, I assume its a licensing issue.

I guess. Here's the link[1].

>>> One small point, the xmap is called "sitemap.xmap" not  
>>> "openOffice.xmap".
>> OK. FWIW, that came from the first item in my results:
>> [clay@Clay-Leeds-Computer forrest]$ find . -iname *openoffice*
>> ./plugins/demoIMSSite/src/documentation/openOffice.xmap
>>  Is this file something different?
> No. It's just that the plugins are mounted in the forrest sitemaps by  
> mounting the plugins/PLUGIN_NAME/sitemap.xmap file.


>> But does 'it' know to use svn, etc. or would it just use curl? and  
>> what if curl wasn't installed?
> There is one or more plugins registry file that tells Forrest where to  
> download the plugin from and what protocol to use (see  
> plugins.xml). This is located at the place defined in  
> ( 
> src/core/context/ 
> SVN&view=markup) so it will eventually be located on  
> as the skin descriptors file is.
> Ultimately, it is ANT that does the downloading so any protocol ANT  
> can handle is OK. To see how it all comes together see the ANT targets  
> in  
> src/core/targets/plugins.xml?rev=47415&root=Apache-SVN&view=markup


>> I can start whenever you get me the code changes you've made. If  
>> those changes are based on HEAD, then I'll need to run the /svn  
>> switch .../ command again.
> I recommend doing the changes in the branch. The reason being that  
> there is some stuff (like the style handling) that needs to be agreed  
> upon by the community as a whole. Since we are getting trunk ready for  
> the 0.6 release I'd hate to upset folk. There are no major commits to  
> trunk on the affected files since the branch so we are OK there.

Agreed. So, I'll place the files in your ZIP (FOR-310) into the  
appropriate plugins/ locations, according to my tree.

>> Thanks! This is exciting! And also, if you can point me toward the  
>> Cocoon docs I should look to for this, that would help too. But if  
>> you're busy, this can wait...
> I think we'll wait on this one. I am not very confident with my Cocoon  
> stuff and would rather throw this open to comment when we are ready to  
> do it. I'd hate to set us off on the wrong road.
> Ross

Okey doke!


[1] Look for "Trademark"

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