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From Sean Wheller <>
Subject Re: Help with sitemap.xmap - Docbook Plugin
Date Sat, 30 Oct 2004 09:58:29 GMT
On Friday 29 October 2004 21:05, Ross Gardler wrote:
> > I am geeting body now. After a few touches to the html2document.xsl, but
> > information loss and lots of mess in places.
> If the loss is style then we are not concerned at this point, the first
> thing we need to do is make sure all content is present. We'll come back
> to style when we have reached that far.
> Can you give examples of HTML snippets that are being lost.

No we're talking information, not style/formatting.

The loss comes with all the inline elements and images in places are 

I seriously question this route of development. I go back. Our excursion into 
XHTML1.0 was intended to give use


My problem was with docbook2document.xsl. 
The reason I wanted to try this was so that  the power of Docbook XSL's could 
be harnessed. The advantage was that there would be no information loss and 
the XInclude problem would be averted. Formatting would be the domain of CSS.

Now we are back in the same place. Only this time we are looking at 
html2document.xsl. First problem. This XSL was written for HTML. Second, the 
XInlcude problems in Cocoon, results in use of the xi:fallback.

In other words we have to fix two problems.
The stylesheet and XInlcude.

It has been indicated by other devs that with small amount of tuning we can 
accept and output XHTML.

Ross, I thank you for your efforts, but I must have a full solution. I have 
three choices. Stick with Forrest, find another solution, or build a new 
implimentation based on Cocoon that will serve only Docbook.

I need to think about it, but my gut says I'm gonna set set some time aside 
and pull the current forrest apart. Strip it and build it around Docbook. I 
don't want to waste any more of your time on this. If I find a solution that 
uses forrest, I will make it available to the community.

Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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