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From Sean Wheller <>
Subject Re: Help with sitemap.xmap - Docbook Plugin
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 13:47:39 GMT
On Thursday 28 October 2004 22:39, Sean Wheller wrote:
> > Jut try it, if it doesn't behave the way you expect then let me know
> > what is happening, what you want to happen and attach a zip of your
> > plugin to a bug report. I'll work with you to solve any problems you
> > come across.
> Yep. Playing nicely and learning from it. :-)


OK I have some problem getting the docbook transformation to XHTML to show in 
the body of the aggregated content. I get all forrest trimmings but blank 
body. The Docbook Plugin shown here has been stripped down to on Docbook V4.3 
(I figure get one working and the rest will come.)

I have added XHTMLSerializer to the forrest sitemap it looks like this:

<map:serializer name="xhtml" 
          mime-type="text/html" logger="sitemap.serializer.xhtml" 
pool-grow="2" pool-max="64" pool-min="2">
            <doctype-public>-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 

The Docbook plugin sitemap looks like this:

<map:sitemap xmlns:map="">
        <map:transformer default="xslt-saxon"/>
            <map:action logger="sitemap.action.sourcetype" name="sourcetype" 
                <sourcetype name="docbook-v4.3">
                    <document-declaration public-id="-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML 

        <map:selectors default="parameter">
            <map:selector logger="sitemap.selector.parameter" name="parameter" 
        <map:resource name="transform-to-xhtml">
            <map:act type="sourcetype" src="{src}">
                <map:select type="parameter">
                    <map:parameter name="parameter-selector-test" 
                    <map:when test="docbook-v4.3">

        <map:pipeline internal="true">
            <map:match pattern="**.xml">
                <map:generate src="{project:content.xdocs}{1}.xml"/>
                <map:call resource="transform-to-xhtml">
                    <map:parameter name="src" value="{project:content.xdocs}
                <map:serialize type="xhtml"/>

Anyone got any ideas why this happens?

Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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