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From Sean Wheller <>
Subject Re: Catalog for Docbook Plugin
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 07:05:52 GMT
On Thursday 28 October 2004 08:01, David Crossley wrote:
> ARPINA? Google could not answer that one.

> I would if we should move Forrest's core catalog.xml
> up one directory level. Would that help with consistency?

Is it worth making these changes. Remember its only a plug-in. Personally I 
don't mind where it sits so long as we don't need to backward reference.

> What you have suggested below is interesting. I had not
> considered the use of rewriteSystem and rewriteURI
> (i will need to go look up the difference). In the core
> catalogs we mainly relied on PublicIdentifiers. This use
> of rewriteSystem is neat.
> However i don't understand the forrest.a.o/release/ URIs.
> We don't have such resources, so this would be confusing.

They are fake. They don't point anywhere. But rewriteURI requires that the 
uriStartString be a URI. file:///, /, http://, svn:// whatever.

Would you prefer I change
to something else?

Looking at it I think I should change to just using a uri map.



To answer the question about rewriteSystem and rewriteURI.
Instead of having a large number of catalog entries I have used rewriteSystem 
and rewriteURI to map the first part of the the reference to a different 
prefix. This way I can map many files located in the same place with a single 
catalog entry. It makes life easier, especially with the XSL's. People can 
call different XSL's to do different things in Docbook  e.g docbook.xsl for 
normal transform, profile.xsl for transformations that are profiled. 
chunk.xsl to get write a long document to many files.

I call the nextCatalog only to solve the PUBLIC ID's. Instead of writing them 
into my own file as we have with catalog.xcat I just call them and use the 
catalog of the package. This way, as an example, I just need to add one more 
nextCatalog when Docbook 4.4 becomes official. Oh, and I can rewrite*** 
prefixes to the local location. I considered doing this for catalog.xcat, but 
decided to leave it. It ain't broken, so don't fix it.

Documents will always use the standard DocTypeDecl.

Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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