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From Sean Wheller <>
Subject Re: Docbook as forrest-plugin
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2004 08:52:44 GMT
On Monday 25 October 2004 09:54, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> I disagree. It makes sense to have a resources dir as it makes sense to
> have a src dir for a project. I don't want to mix actual resources with
> conf info.

I thought that the plug-in is a source. I read some discussion about 
relocation of the current plugins folder to the source. 

I expected the "forrest run" build to create a folder called 
forrest/plugins/ . It does not do this at present, but once the folder is 
moved to a new home then there will be a need to create the folder in the 
project not the forrest installation. At present there is no need to create 
the plugin/ in a project unless the project.required.plugins= specifies a 

Did I not understand?

> Theorically we could have it the other way around:
>   plugins/
>      Docbook/
>         ** all the stuff now in resources
>         FOR-INF/ the configuration files
> but it makes it a royal PITA to reference things backwards.

Yes you are right, so why not just put custom layers into the root of the 

> If you favor to use the simplest thing, in this case it's simpler not to
> deviate from preceding behaviour.

Hmmm. Even now I find myself drilling down to get to pieces. Whethe ryou use a 
GUI or shell the shorter the paths the easier is is to remember the map of 
the project and sources.

> > 2. IMO plug-in is an object that adds a content type class,
> > configuration, and resources to forrest. I would actually change the
> > directory name from plugins to frameworks.
> -1 It simply does not make sense. A framework is something used to build
> upon (IOW white box), while a plugin is the exact opposite.

Yes, and build upon it we do. Docbook is not a "black-box". We can build on it 
in our own custom layer.
The architecture is layered.
| ______________________________________
| |______________________________________
| |______________________________________
| | RING 2 FORREST PLUG-IN (Adds support for Content Class)
| | |---------------------------------------------
| | | (includes forrest specific catalog, xmap, custom XSL's)
| | |----------------------------------------------
| | | (packaged XSD's, DTD's, XSL's)
| | |----------------------------------------------
| | _____________________________________

Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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