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From Sean Wheller <>
Subject Re: Forrest plugin
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 19:17:44 GMT
On Wednesday 06 October 2004 20:43, Clay Leeds wrote:
> I can start whenever you get me the code changes you've made. If those
> changes are based on HEAD, then I'll need to run the /svn switch .../
> command again. Can you help me along there (can you send me the
> /switch/ command so I can copy & paste)?

Dropping in.

May I suggest you download eSVN []. You can use it to 
manage your switch more easily and other SVN command to:-)

With switch there is no need to checkout both trunk and the branch. You just 
switch, svn will handle the rest for you. That way you have no need to modify 
your environment. When you finished hacking the branch, just switch back to 
trunk and again, svn will manage everything for you.

Read this to understand svn switch

Hope this helps.
Sean Wheller

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