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From Sean Wheller <>
Date Sun, 03 Oct 2004 20:24:12 GMT
In is a list of project properties that use dynamic values 
based on the pwd when the app was built.
These are commented (#), so I assume unless uncommented that everything 
defaults to the installation source and not the seed project.


If I uncomment the values specified will be applied. However, if I do 'forrest 
run' inside a seed project dir this becomes the root of the app. So, adding 
custom DTD's and XSL's to the installation source paths below is no good.

By specifying in a seed project sitmap.xmap
<map:transform src="{project:resources.stylesheets}/download2document.xsl" />
as per the documented download example, the app expects to find the DTD and 
XSL is the seed project dir.  

Whether I leave the project values uncommented or not has no effect since 
custom DTD's and XSL's, copied to the installation source paths, above are 
not being referenced unless hard coded into the project properties and 

Now I expect you would not have gone to all the trouble of providing project 
properties that point to the seed project, unless you meant it.

Am I therefore to understand that custom DTD's and XSL's should have dirs 
created for them in the seed project and, instead of being placed in the 
installation source paths, be copied to the seed project paths?

If so then how can I easily manage multiple seed projects that may reuse the 
DTD's and XSL's I create?

I expected that when project properties remain commented that forrest would 
default to using the installation source paths. That way all DTD's and XSL's 
are in one place and can be reused without having to copy between seed 
projects. This appears not to be the case, unless you hard code the values of 
project properties and map:transforms.

To avert problems I need to hard code with map:transform paths in see project 
sitemap.xmap. As you know, that induces portability problems since things are 
not always in the same place on every system.

Now I can use a new SourceTypeAction in forrest.xmap but then why add anything 
to the sitemap.xmap. If this is true then the examples (1 & 2) provided at
Are not correct in using dynamic paths for the values since these paths are 
not created in the seed project.

It's all a bit of a twist and turn that results in broken pipeline when 
implimenting the examples provided. Or, perhaps, I just can't see the forrest 
for the trees. Can somebody clear it for me?

Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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