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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: xml-fop Build Failed
Date Sun, 31 Oct 2004 02:52:53 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> Juan Jose Pablos wrote:
> >>
> >> The main reason I hadn't committed yet, is that I don't want to 
> >> 'break'  the xml-fop web site. So, I've been biding my time, working 
> >> towards a  BUILD SUCCESSFUL. Once I get that (with all content and 
> >> issues  resolved--especially CRITICAL issues) I will update to the 
> >> most recent  changes and commit my changes to CVS. At least that is 
> >> my plan. :-)
> >
> > Yes, and no, all the pain that you had with the sitemap.xmap have been 
> > resolved by the patch that I had sent you a couple weeks ago.
> Thanks. I have not had the chance to update that (I never was able to 
> figure out how to use a PATCH yet, anyway.

Do 'man patch'. Peek at the top of the patch file
to see what directory level you need to be in
when you issue the command 'patch -p0 < my-patch.diff'
Read 'man patch' about the -pNUM option:
"Strip the smallest prefix containing NUM leading slashes
from each file name found in the patch file".

> Also, I've created a new 
> sitemap.xmap file (see my previous POST[1]), with most of the changes I 
> think I need. I am still having problems with the dev/faq.xml and the 
> /compliance.xml file (which I'm assuming your fix4fop.diff file fixes 
> ;-)).

I doubt that Cheche's patch will "fix" the compliance.html
situation for you. Rather you need to follow the documentation
to which we have referred, e.g. Provide your "Compliance DTD",
configure the catalog entity resolver, etc. etc.


> > Please revise that patch. I took me a while to compile it for you.
> I'll give it a shot. I'll revisit that diff file, and see if I can use 
> it to fix my remaining problems. Would you diff my new sitemap.xmap 
> with your best version and see how 'close' I am? Thank you very much!
> > Cheers,
> > Cheche
> [1]
> Web Maestro Clay

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