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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Catalog for Docbook Plugin
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 07:44:04 GMT
Sean Wheller wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > ARPINA? Google could not answer that one.
> Typo, ARPITB.
> >
> > I would if we should move Forrest's core catalog.xml
> > up one directory level. Would that help with consistency?
> Is it worth making these changes. Remember its only a plug-in. Personally I 
> don't mind where it sits so long as we don't need to backward reference.

I gather that by "backward reference" you mean stuff like ../../

> > What you have suggested below is interesting. I had not
> > considered the use of rewriteSystem and rewriteURI
> > (i will need to go look up the difference). In the core
> > catalogs we mainly relied on PublicIdentifiers. This use
> > of rewriteSystem is neat.
> >
> > However i don't understand the forrest.a.o/release/ URIs.
> > We don't have such resources, so this would be confusing.
> They are fake. They don't point anywhere. But rewriteURI requires that the 
> uriStartString be a URI. file:///, /, http://, svn:// whatever.
> Would you prefer I change
> uriStartString=""
> to something else?

Yes, i think so. Otherwise we will confuse people.

> Looking at it I think I should change to just using a uri map.
> <uri 
> 	name=""
>         uri="custom/xhtml-cust.xsl"/>
> <uri 
> 	name=""
>         rewritePrefix="custom/fo-cust.xsl"/>
> To answer the question about rewriteSystem and rewriteURI.
> Instead of having a large number of catalog entries I have used rewriteSystem 
> and rewriteURI to map the first part of the the reference to a different 
> prefix. This way I can map many files located in the same place with a single 
> catalog entry. It makes life easier, especially with the XSL's. People can 
> call different XSL's to do different things in Docbook  e.g docbook.xsl for 
> normal transform, profile.xsl for transformations that are profiled. 
> chunk.xsl to get write a long document to many files.

Yes that is good. Sorry to make you explain that. I should
be more careful with words. I mean the difference between
"rewriteSystem" and "rewriteURI", not between those and
Public Identifiers.

> I call the nextCatalog only to solve the PUBLIC ID's. Instead of writing them 
> into my own file as we have with catalog.xcat I just call them and use the 
> catalog of the package. This way, as an example, I just need to add one more 
> nextCatalog when Docbook 4.4 becomes official.

Damn, crossed-wires again. Looking back at the example
catalog that you showed, i wondered why you were using
rewriteSystem for the DocBook DTDs and then *also*
doing the nextCatalog. It would only need the latter.

> Oh, and I can rewrite*** 
> prefixes to the local location. I considered doing this for catalog.xcat, but 
> decided to leave it. It ain't broken, so don't fix it.

The Public Identifiers that we are currently using in
our core catalogs work beautifully.


> Documents will always use the standard DocTypeDecl.

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