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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: build system (was: [proposal] SVN restructure for subprojects)
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 15:39:02 GMT
Quoting Nicola Ken Barozzi <>:

> Notice the 'bin' directory where users would think of finding it, as a 
> single thing to add to the system path variable. the trunk would become 
> the new FORREST_HOME
> Also, this would mean that we have to rethink our build system.

I would like to see a SVN restructure in the near future, with minimal changes
to the build system.  Discussion and implementation of changes to FORREST_HOME,
the bin location, and the build system in general will take *much* longer.

>   - Please no flame wars -
> As I see it we have two options: Ant and Maven.
> For Ant I am willing to help set it up in a way that it makes it easy to 
> do the above multi-project. I see it as a must that we use a lib 
> download system ALA Maven.
> Other than this, I'm really open to any sensible technical comment on 
> this, along with proposals in helping out.

With my experience and understanding of maven, we would have to write plugins to
do what we want.  Our software is not a simple standard java package, since we
do a lot with cocoon, copyless issues, and skin/plugin fetching.  Since this is
so unique to our project, I don't think maven's standard build system will help
us much.

Matching a standard directory structure is certainly good.  Not sure about
automatically downloading jars.  That could be good, but I don't see a real need
for it; things work fine how they are.

Another alternative to consider is to use a real scripting language instead of
Ant to do our builds.  In my experience with skin fetching, ant simply isn't
designed to do the things we want to do.  I am not familiar with python, but I
think it would be a good candidate.

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