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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject [proposal] SVN restructure for subprojects
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 13:58:58 GMT

Now that we are a top level project, and growing to include "subprojects"
(anything not a core part of forrest), we need to handle this properly in our
code repository.  Currently we hold subprojects in src/ (forrestbot, forrestbar,
forrestlogos) and in scratchpad/ (forrestdoc, eclipsePlugin, XXE-config).  Ross
work on forrest plugins needs a location too.  See FOR-233 also.

I propose:

Create everything (including Forrest itself) as a subdirectory of our existing
"forrest".  It would look like this:

  site/ (unchanged)
  dist/ (unchanged)
  forrest/ (pushed down)
  eclipsePlugin/ (moved)
  xxePlugin/ (moved)
  forrestbot/ (moved)
  forrestbar/ (moved)
  plugins/ (new)
Each subproject would have it's own trunk/, branches/, and tag/ (TBT)
subdirectories.  The plugins subproject would have its own subprojects so the
TBT directories would be under plugins/ for example.

Implications: the current checkout of forrest/trunk that everyone has will
become invalid.  They will have to do a svn switch to forrest/forrest/trunk. 
This is significant, but now is probably the best time to make the change since
the majority of users are using the 0.6 release and not SVN.  As time passes,
more users will begin using SVN to take advantage of unreleased features.

Note about SVN: branches and tags are not really anything special in subversion
like they are in CVS.  They are just fast, lightweight copies (references
really) of files.

The process for implementing this would probably be first, to move forrest/TBT
to forrest/forrest/TBT.  After that is working, we will pull out the subprojects
one at a time to their new location.

Thoughts?  Questions?  Suggestions?

We'll definitely need an approving vote before we do this :-)

Dave Brondsema : : personal : programming : student org 

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