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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: xml-fop Build Failed
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 04:08:07 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > A while ago i heard you mention 'forrestbot' in a passing comment.
> > I asked "What forrestbot" ... i did not realise that any Apache
> > websites were actually being updated by the old experimental
> > forrestbot.
> So, the FOP Dev => Doc Mgmt page:
> a) is incorrect as the forrestbot isn't working

I gather that these are questions, so will try to answer.

I am not sure if the old forrestbot is working or not.
Especially not sure about the penultimate phase where it
'cvs commit' the generated HTML back to the FOP cvs,
nor about the ultimate phase on the server where the
'cvs update' would be done to make the docs be published.

> b) is technically correct (it works but uses forrest-0.5.x)

Depends on the answer to a).
Yes, the old forrestbot is still 0.5

> >> In other words, until I get the xdocs/ back in the running, we aren't
> >> updating our site unless I manually edit the files using vi. If
> >> necessary, I could do your suggestion below, although I'll have to
> >> reapply any changes to the 'working' xdocs/*.xml files (which isn't
> >> really that big a deal).
> >
> > FOP is going to need to do the suggestion below anyway.
> > However lets get your build issues solved ASAP.
> Agreed. As soon as I get a BUILD SUCCESSFUL, I will:
> 1. COMMIT changes to xdocs/
> 2. determine more recent changes & update xdocs/ w newer content
> 3. COMMIT changes to xdocs/
> 4. COMMIT HTML changes using suggestion below from /forrest/ build/site/
> Does it sound like I've got the process figured out?


> >>> Yes, it will be wonderful when we finally get a forrestbot at ASF.
> >>> -- 
> >>> David Crossley
> >>
> >> Yes that will. What is prohibiting that? Is there anything I
> >> (we--either the FOP Team or someone else from the Forrest Team) can do
> >> to help?
> >
> > I thought that i already said. It is that we are waiting and waiting
> > for the new Apache machines to come on-line. On the current machines
> > no project can run live services. Cocoon and Forrest have been
> > waiting since the year dot.
> 'the year dot.' hmph! never heard it called that, but I assume you mean 
> Jan 1, 2004.

It is an expression which means "since the beginning".
In this case, since the beginning of Cocoon and Forrest projects.

> > It is getting very close now, so yes the Forrest "team",
> > which includes anybody who wants to help, needs to start
> > getting our thinking caps on. That is for a separate
> > email thread soon.
> Sounds good. I'll pay attention.


David Crossley

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