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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: xml-fop Build Failed
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 05:24:57 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > Clay Leeds wrote:
> >> And now onto the response to your question.
> >> ========================
> >>
> >> Instructions for updating xml-fop are on the Development tab's > Doc
> >> Mgmt page [1]:
> >> 1. Developer commits code to FOP repository
> >> 2. Forrestbot "refresh". Automatically done every six hours.
> >>     Can be manually refreshed by authorized users at the
> >>     Forrestbot Web Interface.
> >> 3. Forrestbot "publish". Always done manually at the
> >>     Forrestbot Web Interface.
> >> 4. Automatic Live Site Update every six hours (midnight, 6am,
> >>     noon, 6pm Pacific time).
> >
> > I see. I wondered that a while ago, but you must have
> > missed my question. I would suggest going to the manual
> > build method that i described below for "xml-commons".
> > It could be a long time before we can update the Forrestbot.
> > We are waiting for one of the new Apache servers to come
> > on-line.
> Glad you asked the question as it appears we (the FOP Team) need to 
> either update our Doc Mgmt page, or temporarily 'double' update the web 
> site manually: 1) vi over SSH updating of HTML; 2) xdocs/*.xml.
> Speaking of which, it sounds like Apache Forrest-0.6 is not yet live on 
> the server which serves <>.

There are no live services running on any Apache server.

> I don't understand what you meant when you said 'I wondered that a 
> while ago, but you must have missed my question.'

A while ago i heard you mention 'forrestbot' in a passing comment.
I asked "What forrestbot" ... i did not realise that any Apache
websites were actually being updated by the old experimental

> Wasn't your question:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > Can you tell me how you currently update the FOP website.
> I thought I answered this question when I said:
> > With the exception of a couple of 'vi over SSH' changes to the LIVE 
> > site (xml-site/targets/fop/), the FOP docs have not been updated 
> > recently. We are in dire need of update.
> In other words, until I get the xdocs/ back in the running, we aren't 
> updating our site unless I manually edit the files using vi. If 
> necessary, I could do your suggestion below, although I'll have to 
> reapply any changes to the 'working' xdocs/*.xml files (which isn't 
> really that big a deal).

FOP is going to need to do the suggestion below anyway.
However lets get your build issues solved ASAP.

> Was there another question you had that I didn't answer? :-)


> David Crossley wrote:
> >>> For most websites it is entirely a manual operation.
> >>> For example at "XML Commons" we do this:
> >>> *) Edit the source at
> >>> cvs://xml-commons/src/documentation/content/xdocs/*.xml
> >>> *) Generate the site locally with whatever Forrest that
> >>> the project has decided to use.
> >>> *) Commit the HTML/PDF result to cvs://xml-site/targets/commons/
> >>> *) Commit the edited source to
> >>> cvs://xml-commons/src/documentation/content/xdocs/
> >>>
> >>> To publish the result, we have an automated cron job to
> >>> do 'cvs update'. Otherwise we do it manually with
> >>> ssh
> >>> cd /www/
> >>> cvs -q update -dP
> >>
> >> The Doc Mgmt page [1] has a forrestbot interface which makes 
> >> PUBLISHing
> >> fairly simple.
> >
> > Yes, it will be wonderful when we finally get a forrestbot at ASF.
> > -- 
> > David Crossley
> Yes that will. What is prohibiting that? Is there anything I 
> (we--either the FOP Team or someone else from the Forrest Team) can do 
> to help?

I thought that i already said. It is that we are waiting and waiting
for the new Apache machines to come on-line. On the current machines
no project can run live services. Cocoon and Forrest have been
waiting since the year dot.

It is getting very close now, so yes the Forrest "team",
which includes anybody who wants to help, needs to start
getting our thinking caps on. That is for a separate
email thread soon.

> BTW, thank you for your attention on this issue. I look forward to 
> resolving it, and with the help of you and the rest of the Forrest Team 
> it doesn't seem like too much of a challenge!
> Web Maestro Clay
> p.s. I hope you don't mind that I married this issue with our previous 
> issue on the dev list, but I figured I'd like to complete 'both' 
> issues, and I'd rather hash this out on the dev@ list. It's my feeling 
> that this is more dev-related anyway.

They don't seem related and it might draw attention away
from your actual build issues. Anyway, yes it is a good idea
to bring such threads over to the dev list. We do not want to
confuse users.

David Crossley

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