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From David Crossley <>
Subject [Important] please test the release candidate
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 04:24:04 GMT
Please everybody do that, not just the committers.

We need people to test the release candidate
on your own projects, especially on different
operating systems. Just send a short reply to
this thread that it works for you.

We intend to make the announcement this Friday
2004-10-15 during the European day-time.

So we have approximately 3 days.

Download the release candidate and supporting files: /~brondsem/forrest/0.6-rc5/

Compiled with Java 1.3 from SVN r54198
For Windows get *.zip md5sum 33d8de744ce6150aac0c18c85a65e803
For UNIX get *.tar.gz md5sum c1a9ee2e6c604c62933a39234ba8dabe
Get the *.asc and *.md5 that match your chosen download.

If you want to verify the download, then follow:

Otherwise just get on with testing.

Here are some hints:
* Ensure that the compressed archive will unpack properly.
* Follow the README.txt and index.html
* Set environment variables.
* Don't worry too much about minor bugs. We are looking
for blockers, such as it will not run. Many known issues
are recorded at our Jira, perhaps you can add more.

* Make a fresh site ...
cd my-new-dir
forrest seed
forrest run
forrest war ... and try with your Jetty or Tomcat

* Try it on the Forrest core docs ...
cd apache-forrest-0.6
forrest run

* Forrest was already pre-build. Try building it again.
cd apache-forrest-0.6
build test

* Try it on your own project, especially if you have
a project sitemap.

David Crossley

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