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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Release Apache Forrest 0.6
Date Sun, 10 Oct 2004 00:08:25 GMT
Dave Brondsema wrote:
> I updated the forrest version number and rebuilt the releases (from r54181).
> Windows & linux dists are at

(Aside: I tried not to expose my URL to Google like that.
Dunno if it is a problem or not.)

> .tar.gz m5sum b54f5ebf00f883b1106f919306ead91b
> .zip md5sum 4d9f5eb87036248b1a62fbb6038ebc8d

Is the tar archive built on UNIX and the zip on Win?

If so, then we will make these the official files
for testing and voting. (I just removed mine.)

> If you want to build it yourself locally, use the md5sum to verify that 
> it's exactly the same (run 'svn st --no-ignore' to make sure you have a 
> clean source tree).

Our etc/RELEASE_PROCESS.txt says to checkout a new working copy.

We would prefer that people test the actual release tar and zip
that we are voting about.

> If you're a PMC member with a key in KEYS and you vote +1, please sign 
> both files (e.g., gpg --detach-sig --armor and 
> reply with the .asc files attached.

Yes. However, i am not sure what you mean by the last part.
Attached to the email?

I want to add my *.asc early in the week. Then i will vote
toward the very end of the week when i am satisfied.

Thanks for rebuilding stuff. This is a good process.

David Crossley

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