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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: synchronising skins leather-dev and pelt
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 05:25:36 GMT
Arturo Vazquez wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > I started to add to leather-dev some of the recent
> > changes that were made to pelt. In particular,
> > i was adding the recent contribution from Arturo
> > to have proper alignment of the icons/links for
> > PDF, POD, Print, etc.
> > 
> > However, i stopped because this seemed to add lots
> > of repetition to css/base-contracts.css
> > (copying the #content-pdf etc. to #content-pod etc.).
> this is what i meant in the original patch-post:

Yes, i know and should have referred to your post.

> <self-quote>
> Probably it should be a single class for all the alternative format
> icons, and a single transformation, but on the other hand this allows
> other configurations instead of the right alignment... anyway let me
> know if you think it should be the same css class and I'll change it.
> </self-quote>
> as previously  stated the idea when porting to leather is to use the
> semantic containers
> an css it from there, in order to avoid the repetition...
> However in the same order of ideas the sc can help so we can not only 
> have one class in the css, they also enable us to do a single
> transformation for all the content icons (by using an xsl:for-each) ;)
> hmmm  ....
> <finish-some-coding/>
> ok I started an issue on this [FOR-313] so I can submit yet another ugly
> patch to fix the placement of the icons on tigris 
> this uses the same approach as in pelt (actually is a port) but is
> working fine...

I will investigate and apply. It would be good to have that in
the release.

> my next step is to offer help to david in order to properly (no
> repetition) apply this to leather...
> so ... where do I start ??? 

By taking over :-) Seriously, please do. I would rather
concentrate on helping with the imminent release.

My main reason for asking Thorsten about that was so
that when i added stuff to pelt, i also added it to

> > Also this is an area that Thorsten is still working.
> > 
> > Anyway should i continue with adding to leather-dev
> > or wait?
> let me know if you continued or if I should start :)

I have not "continued", so please go ahead. At the moment
i am in the middle of ensuring that all features from the
old forrest-site and krysalis-site skins are in pelt. I just
finished that review and will add my notes to a Jira issue.
There are only a few little things missing. It would be good
if you could help with those.

David Crossley

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