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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: synchronising skins leather-dev and pelt
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 03:44:55 GMT
thorsten wrote:
> David Crossley wrote: 
> > 
> > Ah, you confirm my fears.
> > 
> > I reckon that lots of *good stuff* gets dropped
> > along the way during development. In my view,
> > the big problem with Open Source is that very few
> > people consolidate and rather rush on to new things.
> > 
> Is that a heads-up for me? ;-)

No. Just a general expression of fear. It is too easy
for us all to lose stuff.

> Yeah, you are right. I may not have tested all features, but I reckon 
> the one who wrote the skin will not find all the bugs by him(her)self.
> Anyway for my first skin IMO there are not too many issues with pelt so 
> far. ...and I think I "just" forgot the additional format links.

That is great news.

> >>Just drop everything in the responding semantic container (sc) and 
> >>I will take care about the display. Having everything in sc will it make 
> >>easy to find an element and alter the display. :)
> >>
> >>>I am not yet a CSS expert, so will need help.
> > 
> > Er, please give an example of what you mean by "dropping in".
<snip nice example/>

> >>...I hope that people will start contributing css styles for 
> >>Leather that we have a pool of styles to choose. Maybe we should 
> >>announce a design competition for leather-dev based css-designs.
> > 
> > Wait. Let us make that "leather" first.
> > Then i thought that you chose "corium" for the next skin.

Thanks for taking the time to explain the following.
It will form a good basis for our document about the skins.

> Yeah, that is also right. The aim of "leather" is to established a 
> semantic container approach for div elements that I can use a base for 
> all upcoming skins. I mean once I finished leather (with style) I then 
> can use this DOM (and style) for "corium" as well. Actually I plan to 
> base corium internal on leather DOM.
> *Leather*
> This is the first skin that follows a standard regarding naming 
> conventions and semantic containers. It has the following top level DOM 
> structure.
> container
>   +-branding
>   +-search
>   +-nav
>   +-content
>   +-siteinfo
> Unlike other skins I did not use graphical hooks at all. That makes it 
> possible to add/change/override any style information with ease. Another 
> thing is that devs do not have to worry about design any more, because 
> they can drop the content within the corresponding semantic container. 
> Later on that can be overridden by providing custom css-files or using 
> the skinconf <extra-css/>. This input will come from designers. Leather 
> now has:
> .
> |-- base-contracts.css (all misc. css contracts e.g. search)
> |-- basic.css (html elements only e.g. h1)
> |-- branding.css (everything that is branding a site e.g. logo)
> |-- navigation.css (everything related to navigation e.g. menu)
> `-- profiling.css.xslt (overriding the default color profile by custom 
> color profile)
> Every user or designer can provide custom css-files that will change the 
> style. The target is to get away to alter site2xhtml et. al.. I hope to 
> attract some designer to submit styles. If we will have some provider 
> than ...
> *Corium*
> Corium is the first skin that gives you the full control over the 
> outcoming DOM structure and style. I will base it internal on leather. 
> The resulting transformation is then more site2leather.xsl (rather then 
> site2xhtml.xsl). Having this common base I will then provide different 
> leather2x.xsl. e.g. leather2zenCssGarden.xsl.

Maybe they are just conceptual filenames for discussion purposes,
but it does not seem correct to have the skin name in there.


> This stylesheets are based on config files where a binding takes place.
> e.g. zenCssGarden uses a special DOM structure (have a look at the 
> source). Matching the different DOM elements of zen with the 
> corresponding elements of leather should be configurable.
> The aim is that the combination of DOM-provider and CSS-Style provider 
> will be added to and the user can choose a broad 
> ranges of styles. Like
> # If you want to use leather2zenCssGarden.xsl as
> # final transformation than use e.g.
> #forrest.skins.DOM.provider = zenCssGarden
> # If you want to use other css-files then the default ones than
> # override it here. Point to the location of the dir containg the files
> #forrest.skins.CSS.dir = /home/thorsten/style/zenCssGarden/someSkin
> #forrest.skins.CSS.dir = http://provider/style/someSkin
> King regards
> thorsten

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