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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Adding background info to forrest docs
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 02:12:26 GMT
Sean Wheller wrote:
> I think that a person who has had experience with cocoon will find it easier 
> to get started customizing forrest. I went back and did some reading on 
> pipelines, generating, transforming, serializing and matching from the cocoon 
> project. That helped to fill in the gaps I had.
> Perhaps it would be worthwhile to add such background to the forrest docs. 
> Like myself, many people will try forrest first and possible come across the 
> same problem with understanding how things hang together.
> If people in dev agree I will create a brief background for first timers like 
> me.

Please do. However let us plan where to focus your contribution.

Our documentation is starting to grow a bit too much. The doc
"Using Forrest" does explain concisely what people need to do,
and refers them to other information.

We do advise people that to use a project sitemap you need to
understand the Apache Cocoon sitemap. There is a big Note in
"Using Forrest" and will now add that to "Project sitemap" doc.

The "Forrest Sitemap Reference" doc is probably where you
are detecting the lack. Its "sitemap overview section
deliberately just points to Apache Cocoon docs. (We were
avoiding documentation duplication.) If that satisfied
your need then the maybe we should emphasise that requirement.

Do you think that we should have a precis of that here in the
"Forrest Sitemap Reference" doc? If so then please send a patch.

I do note that that doc needs to be updated to refer to our new
"Project sitemap" doc.

If you get keen on documentation, then a "How To" document
to describe DocBook processing would be good.

David Crossley

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