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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: map:transform to docbook xsl
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 01:08:48 GMT
Sean Wheller wrote:
> David, when you access the article does forrest apply the default skin.

Yes, and that is the intended behaviour.

> Unless 
> I understand the docs wrong when it says ...
> "That will intercept the request for the body content, for only this specific 
> "download" document, and will transform it into the intermediate Forrest 
> "document" format. The normal Forrest machinery will handle the aggregation 
> with navigation menus etc. and will apply the normal skin."
> From:

You are getting confused. That section is about advanced
customisations which transform into the intermediate Forrest
"document-v* DTD" format. Your project sitemap is doing
the "complete" transformation using the DocBook XSL.

> Essentially, my sitemap.xmap is not that different to the one provided in the 
> example "adding_new_content_type".

It is very different. The latter delivers output as
the intermediate Forrest format. The former delivers
final html.

> So if I am not mistaken, forrest machinery 
> should "handle the aggregation with navigation menus etc. and will apply the 
> normal skin."
> Or am I missing something else?

:-) You are, as explain above.

Going into Random Thought (RT) mode now ...

We have not yet had time to explore this because the
"project sitemap" capability is very new. There might
be a way to get the full DocBook XSL processing *AND*
adorned with the Forrest navigation bits.

Add an extra transformation after the DocBook one to use

However in this case, i wonder if the project sitemap
needs to match on the "db-*.xml" pattern. Not sure.

I am sorry that i cannot help much more, but my open source
time is going toward getting the 0.6 release out.

Anyway please persist. This would be a very important
capability that many people would be interested in.

David Crossley

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