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From "Shaun Evans" <>
Subject Forrest skins (leather-dev screenshot)
Date Sat, 30 Oct 2004 20:40:56 GMT
I've almost finished 'scale-dev' which is a CSS enhancement for
leather-dev. Please have a look at the attached screenshot
(scale-dev-s1.png) and tell me if there are any things that you don't
like or things that could be improved.

This screenshot was taken in Mozilla Firefox, and, as one would expect,
there are a few bugs when viewed in Internet Explorer. I will fix these
and take into account any advice you give me in this post before I post
the site2xhtml, document2html and css files. I also have to look at
bringing in most of the features of pelt.

A question: as it's a hot topic at the moment, should the final skin be
in XHTML 1 or 2?

I have a suggestion about skins in general: from 0.7 upwards, there are
4 or 5 'channels' of skins:
	pelt: CSS and DIV-based, relies on skinconf.xml for
	tigris: Table-based, relies on CSS files for customisation
	leather/scale: generic DIV-based structure (leather), controlled
by CSS (scale)
	plain: plain HTML, no CSS, not customisable
	corium: next-generation, dynamic CSS, controlled in skinconf.xml
and DIV (could supersede leather/scale?)

This would provide new users with a range of choices, from basic and
customise-if-necessary, to (almost) build it from scratch, exactly how
you want it (anybody use Gentoo Linux!?).

Just a little about the skin: there are about 150 lines of CSS and I've
tried to achieve Thorsten's original target of making a totally generic
skin that is controlled entirely by the CSS. The entire skinned page
weighs in at about 12kb, of which 5kb is CSS. (Thus the average page
loads in about 3 seconds over 56k).


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