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From "Shaun Evans" <>
Subject RE: Forrest Skins
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 11:33:54 GMT
> If people are talking about the reference that Vadim
> pointed us to, then i don't see much difference to
> our "pelt" and "leather-dev". In fact i see it as
> less capable than ours.

I am (and I assume Vadim and Thorsten are) talking about the specific
style (with the hoverry tabs and the 3d gradient header and the block
navigation on the left, and the section headings, and the subtle
background-change-on-hover effects, etc).

> > If nobody has any objections, I will start making a skin like 
> > and name it 'scale-dev'. To begin with, I'll base it on 
> > leather-dev, if I can't get something that looks as good as 
> mozilla, 
> > then I'll build it from scratch.
> I don't understand. Why not just finish of the "leather-dev" 
> that we already have?

As I said above, I like the mozilla skin because it looks good, and I
think it could be reproduced well using Forrest.
IMHO, new users would want a variety of different skins available to
them, before they start altering specific details in
or skinconf.xml. pelt, tigris, leather-dev and krysalis-site do look
very similar in structure, despite being different skins with different
default colour schemes.

I do see your point - I will, instead of creating a new skin, try
playing with leather-dev and possibly making a patch to get the css
working well.


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