I'm keen to try to extend the current OpenOffice Writer performance, to encompass some of the styles that I am using and to improve table handling etc.
What tools can I use to efficiently make changes to the XSL file and observe the result?
Currently I have created a small OpenOffice file, unzipped it to extract content.xml, and am using an old version of Saxon with a command line that transforms content.xml with openoffice-writer2forrest.xsl to (hopefully) the forrest document format. So this should allow me to make adjustments to either the source or transformation files and quickly see whether I have got it right.
Trouble is, this transform is evidently not proceeding the same way as Forrest's own transformation. It is only matching Heading 1 headings, whereas the HTML output at the end of the Forrest process transforms the other headings as well..
Can I access the transformation tools that Forrest is using, stopping to grab the intermediate forrest xml file? How?
I am using Windows.
Charles Palmer