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From thorsten <>
Subject [RT] Search engines
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 20:30:07 GMT
Hello devs,

I would like to implement a "better" search engine script.

The script should be:
a) page specific
b) extensible

a) Imagine a site that have different topics.
1) sport
2) news
3) open source

Each of this topics would have different search provider.
e.g. open source
Imagine our mailing list site. We can search our site with /marc/ or 
/eyebrowse/. The searchbox then would offer this engine to search. That 
will be more efficient for the user because he do not have to go to 
those site but rather search from the forrest site and got redirect to 
the search result.

b) The user should be able to extend the standard search engines by 
adding the neccessary information into a xml file. We would just add 
some examples that we actually need for our site.

*How it should work*
We need the following components:
I) site.xml - Here we can add the hooks for each site which search 
engine should be used. e.g.
<todo label="Todo" href="todo.html" description="Todo List" 
searchType="os" searchEngine="all"/>
This would offer the *all* search engines from the categorie *os*.
<todo label="Todo" href="todo.html" description="Todo List" 
searchType="os" searchEngine="marc, eyebrowse"/>
This would offer the marc and the eyebrowse search engines from the 
categorie *os*.

II) searchEngine.xml - This is the place where all possible search 
engines are stored. e.g.
<engine id="marc" href="" 
queryParam="query" searchType="os">
  <param type="hidden" id="l" value="forrest-dev"/>
<engine id="eyebrowse" 
href="" queryParam="q" 
  <param type="option" id="listId" value="260"/>
  <param type="option" id="listId" value="259"/>

III) searchEngine.xsl - This is the place where the searchEngine.xml got 

All this will be then injected in the site2xhtml.xsl and to the 
resulting page.

I hope you got the idea and WDYT?

king regards

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