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From thorsten <>
Subject Re: Pelt problems en IE 6
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:01:58 GMT
Jason End wrote:
> Hi thorsten, 
> I downloaded the new screen.css and:
> 1. PDF image: appears [Solved. Nice :)]
> 2. Published Strip at top: Does not show the text,
> only a very fine strip.

I just fixed that. Can you check?

> 3. Substrip: Still stops short

See the other mail.

> I've attached an image to illustrate these points.
> I've also attached another image to illustrate the
> published stip problem seen in a different way. In the
> samples menu, above the text Samples, there's a black
> rectangle. The left half of the rectangle is linked to
> samples/index.html, while the right half is linked to
> samples/static.html. 

Yeah, LOL, sorry my fault.
It was for testing that I set the background color to black. ;-) I just 
changed that in the default color profile. You can also override the 
color with the following <color> tag in your skinconf.xml.

<color name="subtab-selected" value="#E5E4D9" link="#000000" 
vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>

The only thing that I cannot solve at the moment (because I do not know 
how) is ->3. Substrip: Still stops short.

Like I said in the other mail it has to be a IE floating bug. It is the 
published note that is breaking the line. I just noticed that is not 
only a IE floating bug! The only browser that is displaying the correct 
result is konqueror :(.

Can you help fixing it?


> Thanks for the work.
> Jay

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