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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject Re: latest forrest can't build incubator site
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 18:45:49 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>>>Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
>>>that makes it better.. but it does *not* restore the appearance
>>>we had/{want?}.  observe the difference between what we have/want:
>>You will not get the same as you had before.
>>The skins have moved on and been developed since then.
> okey, then i think forrest is not the tool for the incubator site.
> the site isn't maintained as a whole by a team; it consists
> of sections maintained by different groups of people.  if
> the entire site has to be regenerated each time for safety
> and consistency, then it's not for us.

It is up to you which you check in you cvs!!! You have to build the site 
local and check the files in you changed.

> ...
> it's not what we felt happy with, so it's bad.  forrest is forcing
> a change on us without our consent, and with no way to resist.
> ...

As software evaluates changes occur!

If you want to use the newest features of a software, you will have to 
adopt changes! If you do not want that then do not use software at all 
or stick with the old version.

>>When it looks decent locally, the whole incubator site
>>should be updated. Thereafter it will be much easier.
> until the next time the site gets out of sync with forrest's evolution.

Only if you use e.g. your own skin! That is the reason why we want to 
focus our energy on creating a skin which will be able to adopt to your 

>>You can't have the original. We have updated the skins
>>to be more efficient and better able to be styled, i.e
>>to have better use of straight html and css. There is no
>>going back to the old stuff.
> then the forrest project is forcing a look&feel change on us, its
> users.  regardless of whether the new look&feel is better (i for one
> don't think it is), that's not acceptable to me.  i don't appreciate
> being told how my web pages should look.  if the software forcibly
> changes with no backward compatibility, that software isn't for me.

Look at the color scheme we introduced and the custom css import in the 
That makes it possible to have the same look&feel in different skins.
Keeping your look and feel is our mission.

We are developing a skin that supports e.g. the concept. We told you how your site should 
look like with the old skin concept. We will not with the new skins!

>>Well look at it from the Forrest project point-of-view.
>>We spend ages writing documentation to help people
>>upgrade from 0.5 to 0.6 version. Then people start using
>>the unreleased dev version *without* doing such upgrade steps.
>>Of course there will be difficulties. Then we need to dive in and
>>help. All this time we cannot get 0.6 released because too busy.
>>There. We have both let off some steam.
> :-)
> except: since the incubator site doesn't have a single set of maintainers,
> no-one apparently was aware that the site needed to be upgraded along
> with the software to build it.

Only if you want to use the newest features!

> i think forrest is clearly too advanced and heavy-weight an app for
> the incubator site's purpose.

I do not think so!


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