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From Arturo Vazquez <>
Subject [patch] missplaced icons on pelt
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 07:16:04 GMT
Hi (again):

As most of you probably noticed as you activate some of the
alternative formats (XML, POD, print) the icons appeared ... well
let's say out of place,  this was due to the way the transformation
for this elements is done on the common's site2xhtml.xsl which does a
table based transformation for this elements.

In the pelt's site2xhtml.xsl this transformation is properly
overridden for the PDF icon, but the rest of the formats were
forgotten :(

so I coded (adapted) a few lines and created a few classes in the
screen.css. and now it seems to be working just fine.

Probably it should be a single class for all the alternative format
icons, and a single transformation, but on the other hand this allows
other configurations instead of the right alignment... anyway let me
know if you think it should be the same css class and I'll change it.

I also added the title attribute so we get the tooltip back (for some
reason the alt attribute does not display the tooltip on mozilla )

                                      SMALL DETAILS...

PS: this "fixes" the issue for the pelt skin, tigris is still broken :(
PPS: I didn't find a discussion regarding the common's transformation
for this items, but IMHO if the "soon-to-be-default"  skin is using
divs, perhaps the common's transformation should go this way too

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