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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [RT] Forrest user impedence
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 07:16:12 GMT
On 02 Sep 2004, at 08:41, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Change the docs - remembering the format -, validate, run Forrest - 
> and which version? -, copy over the built docs, commit to CVS, log on 
> the shell and update from CVS...

 From the peanut gallery: I would focus on a single input format and 
treat other formats just as binaries. That would be something (X)HTML- 
or xdocs-like - *not* the cwiki format. Provide people with a clear 
migration path, but don't carry the burden of backwards-compatibility 
for too many releases. Don't release too often, but make it x.0 
releases. Make sure Forrest users don't know that Cocoon is underneath. 
Throw away the live webapp idea. Slim down Cocoon to its bare 

> IMHO an ideal setting would not have the users generate the site. This 
> means having a live Cocoon webapp installed or having the ForrestBot 
> run. In both cases, SourceForge users would not be able to benefit 
> from this.

I'm convinced more tools & trickery won't help - quite the contrary.

> Damn.

Look at Gump. Sometimes, it's better to not add to something, but tear 
things down and provide yourself with the freedom of a blank sheet of 

Anyway, these are my ideas when looking at the Incubator story. One 
must be careful not to push people towards a tool which can't deliver, 
hoping that "if they'll come, it will get built". Anakia is very small 
and focussed, and delivers. It delivers less than what Forrest is 
capable of, but people don't mind since it just works. "maven site": 
same story.

Anyway, these are just some loose ramblings.

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