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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Forrest plugins?
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 03:58:07 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> I believe the new sitemap extension mechanism can be utilised to enable 
> a whole new level of customisation within Forrest. Perhaps, eventually, 
> moving to a plugin system whereby functionality can be added simply by 
> loading a plugin. For example, if you want OpenOffice transformations 
> simply install the OpenOffice plugin.
> Let me give a larger use case though:
> I have been using/developing a customised version of Forrest for some 
> time. It uses the underlying Forrest engine to generate documentation 
> from Learning Objects. All the customisations are contained in either 
> what we call skins, for example displaying slides, or in the *.xmap 
> files, for example generating site.xml and tabs.xml from an IMS Manifest 
> (a standard for defining Content Packages).
> I would like to distribute this customisation as a "skin", but it is 
> more than a skin, it has custom xmaps as well. So this has got me 
> thinking that since many of my customisations do not belong in the core 
> of Forrest, but would be useful in other environments shouldn't I be 
> able to package this functionality in a plugin?
> So, my question is, do we want to consider moving towards such a plugin 
> system or is this moving too far away from the stated goals of the 
> Forrest project? (obviously I am thinking of post 0.6)
> Ross

In general it sounds good to me.  Pretty cool in fact.  Dropping in 
plugins for various input and output formats would be great.

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