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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Improving Forrest Error Reporting
Date Sat, 11 Sep 2004 23:28:55 GMT
Stephen Schaub wrote:
> I discovered Forrest this summer and used it to create a website for an
> open-source project. I love a lot of things about it. But...
> I would love to see better error reporting. Can we get a line number in the
> error messages when forrest encounters an error in a source file in the
> xdocs folder?
> I know that many people probably use validating editors and create source
> documents using the document-vxx format, and thus avoid forrest errors
> entirely. But if you like to use the wiki format (wonderful for simple
> documents), and you happen to violate one of the (rather picky) rules (ex. a
> blank line that happens to have a space in it), you get a cryptic error
> message with no line number. That makes writing wiki documents for forrest a
> "cross your fingers and hope" proposition, and if you mess up, you're
> reduced to deleting sections of the document until it works, then adding
> pieces back in until it fails, etc. I would like to see the chaperon parser
> made a little more forgiving, but if not, at least tell me where in the
> source file the problem occurred!
> Imagine a compiler that didn't provide line numbers in its error messages...

Since the wiki files are parsed with the Chaperon parser, this is an 
issue you should discuss on one of their mailing lists.  Unless of 
course chaperon does provide better error messages but forrest hides it.

> Stephen Schaub
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> messages in its results.

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