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From "Clay Leeds" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Linkmap as Forrest site generation entry point
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 04:52:08 GMT
David Crossley said:
> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>> > Dave Brondsema wrote:
>> > ...
>> >> Will `forrest -Dproject.start-uri=myfile.html` still work?
>> >
>> > Yes, I hadn't thought of that! :-)
>> Does this mean one could process a single page? If so, sounds nice. I
>> don't think it would work for adding a new page to a web site (the
>> other pages wouldn't have a link to this file), but for modifying a
>> page, that might be nifty! If that's not what this is for, then... what
>> is the benefit and... uh... Never mind!
>> Web Maestro Clay
> I cannot quite parse you there Clay.
> Using the Cocoon cli.xconf files you can add extra
> files for processing. For an example with the extra
> "mirrors.html" See the ./ file which
> is for Forrest's own site documentation.
> --
> David Crossley

Sorry to confuse... I had just never seen nor used the command `forrest
-Dproject.start-uri=myfile.html` before. I don't know what it's for.
Having seen it, it *looks* like it is a way to process a single file
(although it ay be more like begin a file number 15, and skip 1-14 or some
such--I don't know what it's for, so I tend to make up what I think it's
for... I tried to rtfm but couldn't find anything...).

I guess my main question is:

What does `forrest -Dproject.start-uri=myfile.html` do?

But that got me to think, "Wouldn't it be nice if forrest could process a
single changed file?

Hope that clear it up!

Web Maestro Clay

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