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From Jason End <>
Subject PATCH: Pelt problems en IE 6
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 11:11:53 GMT
Here's the patch. I've tried it on IE 6 and Firefox
(1.0 trunk) and it works correctly. I noticed that the
Published date wasn't appearing on Firefox either...

Basically the solution was to set a text alignment for
the div, and then have each span (level2tabs and
lastmodified) float left or right. It can also be done
the other way around from what I'm submitting, with
the div aligned right and only the level2tabs span
floated left. 

The subtabs do work. On IE I can't see them, but the
link is there. I guess that's a color issue.

Attached is the patch to be applied to screen.css.
Lemme know if I goofed on anything.


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