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From Jason End <>
Subject Re: RT: utilise screenspace
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 10:16:09 GMT

In Crust (or Krysalis at least) the TOC appears in the
left panel. The problem is that each if the section
title is a little long, it will span two lines, and be
incomplete ("My long section title is...."). Of course
you can adjust the left panel width, but then it's
always taking up a lot space. 

I for one, prefer the TOC at the top of the text, and
will be switching to pelt soon (I can't remember if
Crust has the option to show the took in the main
panel). In my case it just tidier and keeps the focus
on the text, rather than splitting it between the text
and the menu.

So if this were implemented I would like there to be
an option to keep the TOC in the text.


--- David Crossley <> wrote:

> You know the massive waste of screen-space for the
> otherwise useful Table of Contents at the top of a
> page:
> You know the wasted space below the left-side
> navigation bar.
> Would there be a way to put the ToC in that
> left-panel?
> Is that desirable as an option?
> -- 
> David Crossley

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