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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [patch] missplaced icons on pelt
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2004 07:52:43 GMT
Arturo Vazquez wrote:
> Hi (again):
> As most of you probably noticed as you activate some of the
> alternative formats (XML, POD, print) the icons appeared ... well
> let's say out of place,  this was due to the way the transformation
> for this elements is done on the common's site2xhtml.xsl which does a
> table based transformation for this elements.
> In the pelt's site2xhtml.xsl this transformation is properly
> overridden for the PDF icon, but the rest of the formats were
> forgotten :(
> so I coded (adapted) a few lines and created a few classes in the
> screen.css. and now it seems to be working just fine.

Thanks, your patch is applied. It is great to have this fixed.

> Probably it should be a single class for all the alternative format
> icons, and a single transformation, but on the other hand this allows
> other configurations instead of the right alignment... anyway let me
> know if you think it should be the same css class and I'll change it.

This will be fine for now. There is probably a lot of
cleaning up that can be done in these skins. Later.

> I also added the title attribute so we get the tooltip back (for some
> reason the alt attribute does not display the tooltip on mozilla )

Yes. Thanks, that also needs to be added to the "credits" logos.

>                                       SMALL DETAILS...
>                                                   VAZ

That is the power of Open Source - each of us
fixing one small detail.

> PS: this "fixes" the issue for the pelt skin, tigris is still broken :(
> PPS: I didn't find a discussion regarding the common's transformation
> for this items, but IMHO if the "soon-to-be-default"  skin is using
> divs, perhaps the common's transformation should go this way too

We still need to support the old "forrest-site" and
"krysalis-site" skins which may still need this.
They are deprecated with Forrest-0.6 so later we can
rationalise this.

David Crossley

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