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From David Crossley <>
Subject remove browser-dependent javascript - window print
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 06:26:18 GMT
There is some nasty code in Forrest [1] to try to enable
old M$ browsers to print the current window. This option is
only presented when they set skinconf/disable-print-link=false

It tries to use "javascript:window.print()" and if that
fails then it tries some M$ gobbledegook.

Doing some research, i see that more recent browsers
do use the window.print ability. Google found me this:

The only missing one that we would care about is Safari
on the Mac. More Googling showed that Safari gained that
capability on 2003-11-16 in Safari-1.1.5

Considering that Forrest is targetting newer browsers
with our CSS drive, it seems appropriate.

The main reason that i want to remove this, is that we need
to ensure that our codebase is free of any license issues.
The origin of this code snippet is dubious, so i want to be
rid of it.

Projects can always patch it back in if they want it.

So i propose to go ahead and remove it soon.

[1] src/core/context/skins/common/xslt/html/site2xhtml.xsl
and ditto for "tigris".

David Crossley

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