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From David Crossley <>
Subject issue explanations (Was: svn commit: rev 46087)
Date Sat, 18 Sep 2004 00:17:25 GMT
Fabio Rinaldi wrote:
> Yes, it was a perfect duplicate (the only difference being the name of
> a parameter). I checked it very carefully before replacing it. The new
> template "convertLinks" just avoids redundancy, but it is otherwise
> equivalent. 

Thanks for following up Fabio. A good example of open source
development. I know that it takes time to explain things.
The effort is worthwhile, because everyone that reads it
learns something.

It is good to provide a bit more explanation when making the
issue report. That speeds the job of committers. We can explain
the changes better in our commit log messages. It is then easier
for all committers and developers to review the emailed diffs.
Of course there is a trade-off with verbosity.

Anyway, thanks again for your effort.

David Crossley

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