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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Upgrading to Forrest 0.6 Document
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 10:59:38 GMT
Jason End wrote:
> I was just reading the Upgrading to Forrest 0.6
> Document, and I'm wondering if the section "New
> location of $FORREST_HOME" shouldn't go before "Run a
> clean target after upgrade". Building and updating the
> $FORREST_HOME variable would be your first step.

Good idea. However i wonder if the 'build clean'
should still come first, because that step would
be about cleaning your old workspace.

Perhaps you are still right. Someone should test that.

> I know the document is exactly chronological, but it
> may lead to confusion.

No not necessarily chronological. Mainly thrown together
as we think about it.

Issues arise as we all upgrade our own websites.
I for one still have a few difficult ones to do.
We will upgrade the "upgrading" doc as we go.

By the way, patches are welcome.

David Crossley

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