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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [RT] Forrest user impedence
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 07:51:29 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Steven Noels wrote:
> > 
> > So what is it? Honestly, I've lost track myself, which must be largely 
> > because of my lack of time in tracking progress. :-|
> Actually you should go back more, rather than seen the latest progress ;-)
> Forrest's initial vision was to be a sort of a project portal, not 
> simply site generation like Anakia (remember the comments about a better 
> SF?). The CLI mode of operation was deemed to be a necessary 
> intermediate step. We still have a long way to go, but IMHO the concrete 
> project plans we have in JIRA about 0.7 and 0.8 lay the foundation for 
> starting to add features to Forrest.

Thanks for popping in again Steven.
You ask "what is it" ... same as it ever was.

We do anything that encourages documentation.
Recently we had to come up with concise words
for a mission statement ...
 "The generation of aggregated multi-channel documentation,
  maintaining a separation of content and presentation."

Nice and broad, isn't it.

We still firmly believe in all modes of Forrest:
command-line, webapp, and forrestbot. We also are doing
logo generation with SVG. Also as Nicola Ken said,
those portal dreams are still on the list.

David Crossley

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