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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Revert crust to using forrest-dev
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 01:23:42 GMT
Charles Palmer wrote:
> snip -
> > The question is wether we should keep the older skins in the distro for
> > another cycle to give time for our users to switch without surprises.
> Some people are going to want to use the Forrest tools as a starting point
> for making skins of their own. In this case having more than one example
> would be of benefit.

It would not benefit this use case to keep that old
forrest-site skin. Sure we will provide a couple of
base skins for serious developers. For normal people
the skins are going to be very configurable so that they
do not need to develop anything.

The old forrest-site skin is going away, either soon
or in a short while.

> And a paragraph or two of up to date doc explaining how the skins hang
> together would be useful - e.g. the various roles of the xsl files, the css
> files, skinconf.xml, etc etc (I might be wrong, but the
> look and feel seems to be distributed over quite a number of files, some
> local, some global...)

We will get around to that, but it is not a priority
at the moment.

David Crossley

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