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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: No mail delivery from -> (was:Re: Jira moved)
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 12:40:07 GMT
On 01 Sep 2004, at 14:28, David Crossley wrote:

> Steven Noels wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> But they are not appearing. See
>>> There are notifications there from me today, but not the
>>> more recent ones from Nicola Ken.
> For Infrastructure, some background. The notifications from the
> new Jira at are not being received at dev@forrest.a.o
> Those few from me today are because i managed to erroneously
> use the old Jira at
> I just did another test from the new Jira and they are not being
> received at Apache or not leaving

They *are* leaving the new Jira server, I think they are queued on 
hermes, but they aren't delivered to ezmlm apparently.

Sep  1 06:30:07 strider postfix/smtp[29259]: 95BC6160102: 
delay=6, status=sent (250 Queued! 
Sep  1 06:36:28 strider postfix/smtp[29474]: 27469160102: 
delay=1, status=sent (250 Queued! 

(these are some mails sent from locally on the server - and arrive fine 
on the lists)

Sep  1 06:54:25 strider postfix/smtp[29989]: BDDB7160102: 
delay=3, status=sent (250 Queued! 
Sep  1 07:21:52 strider postfix/smtp[30829]: CB908160104: 
delay=4, status=sent (250 Queued! 

(these are Jira mails - they don't arrive on the list)

Could you please parse mail logs on your side and tell us what's going 

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