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From "Stephen Schaub" <>
Subject Page breaks in aggregate PDF's
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 16:15:06 GMT
The howto

gives instructions on generate PDF's from a selected set of documents. I
would like a page break in between each document. After reviewing the
stylesheets, I found the following in document2fo.xsl:

 <xsl:if test="@class='page' and $page-break-top-sections and
        <fo:block break-after="page"/>

Obviously the intent is to allow for the sort of page breaks I described
above. I adjusted the test to the following:

 <xsl:if test="@class='page' and $page-break-top-sections">

and got my page breaks. I'm not an XML guru, so I'm not sure what the intent
of that final condition was, but it needs to be changed or removed.

Stephen Schaub

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