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From "Stephen Schaub" <>
Subject Re: Improving Forrest Error Reporting
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 11:45:12 GMT
>Stephen Schaub wrote:
>> I would love to see better error reporting. Can we get a line number in
>> error messages when forrest encounters an error in a source file in the
>> xdocs folder?

Dave Brondsema wrote:
>Since the wiki files are parsed with the Chaperon parser, this is an
>issue you should discuss on one of their mailing lists.  Unless of
>course chaperon does provide better error messages but forrest hides it.

But this is _not_ just a wiki issue. Forrest doesn't provide line numbers
for errors in .xml files either. Perhaps that is Cocoon's fault. I've had
some exposure to Cocoon in the past, and seem to remember no line numbers
there, either. That really surprised me, because Cocoon is a highly regarded
product, but its error reporting (at least, in the version I was using) was

Good error reporting is vital. Developers put up with poor error reporting
from development tools because we've come to expect it. But at least those
cryptic compiler error messages typically provide a line number to help us
locate the problem.  A product like Forrest that is designed for non
programmers should have at least an equivalent, if not a higher, standard
for its error reporting.

I'll try to dig into the wiki side of things to see if Chaperon is at fault
here. But I don't feel this discussion should be dismissed on the basis of
"the problem is in someone else's code."


P.S. I've reported the search problems to the address you provided. Thanks!

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