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From thorsten <>
Subject Re: Future of skincon.xml
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 12:58:02 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> thorsten wrote:
>> Hello devs,
>> I started to make the css-style skin configurable from within the 
>> skinconf.xml in terms of positioning the elements.
>> I used e.g.
>>  <color name="menu" value="#4a6d8c" font="#cedfef" link="#ffffff"
>>      vlink="#ffffff" hlink="#ffcf00" current="#0ff0ff"
>>     visible="false" position="default"/>
> If I understand correct this will result in the menu being generated and 
> sent to the browser regardless of whether the user wants to see it. This 
> is a problem with respect to one of the main goals of Forrest, to 
> provide efficient and lightweight documentation sites.
> The approach I have used prevents the HTML being generated if it is not 
> needed, it also works in none CSS skins (is this a good thing?). Perhaps 
> the best solution is to have Forrest decide what code to generate and 
> have CSS decide how to position it (currently I do both in XSL).

I used xsl/css to match where and whether the parts should be generated 
(like you do). Currently you can an example of that in the 
site2xhtml.xsl of the css-style-dev skin.

e.g. If no search box is selected the second logo will be aligned right. 
  Another example is the breadtrail, you can choose an alternativ 
location for it and it will be rendered "on demand". The css-file 
contains predefined alternativ locations.

I *do not* deliver always everything to the client. The changes I 
applied for the css-style skin can be used as well in all the other skins!

> <snip/>
>> I reckon we should introduce a cssconfig.xml/cssconfig-v01.dtd and use 
>> something like this:
>> <css-elements>
>>  <css name="menu" visible="false" position="default">
>>   <color
>>  </css>
>> </css-elements>
> I'm not sure about a separate config file, I feel it belongs in 
> skinconf.xml and there is already a mechanism in there for managing the 
> CSS files.

Yes, but I do not really like it! I think to add single elements to the 
skinconfig.xml will end up in an overkill of the file. Imaging I want 
all css be overriden, I will end up developing them and copy'n paste 
them to skinconfig! That is not *copyless*!

> Back to the original RT for a moment:
> I'm still wondering if we shouldn't simply adopt the approach used in 
> the Cocoon Portal Engine for defining the layout within skinconf.xml. 

That need somebody that have experience with the portal, right? If we 
are not familiar with the portal engine I reckon it would not be as 

> This would enable us to leverage other parts of the portal engine to 
> manage the layout - a web based editor for page layout. 

I would like that in the future I can edit my forrest pub (the layout as 
well) within lenya. I would concentrate *my* energie in enabling a web 
based layout editor in lenya rather then in forrest.

> It could also 
> provide us with a set of information "nuggets" as they were called in 
> the original RT.

I think I will have a look in the portal again in my upcoming vacations. 
Maybe you are right and that would be the best solution.

Right now I really cannot say anything about that!

King regards

> (please remember I am not overly familiar with the Portal Engine so 
> these are just ideas for discussion/exploration).
> Ross

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