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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Right side navigation
Date Sun, 01 Aug 2004 23:39:08 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>> If you look at Stefano's original Forrest skin design []1, you will 
>> see a right hand side part. Other site like this one [2] use both the 
>> navigation on the left and the part on the right.
>> Looking at these sites I see that this kind of navigation include:
>>  - news
>>  - participation info
>>  - search
>>  - publicity
>>  - credits
>>  - related links
>>  - ...
>> In practice, anything.
>> Generalizing it, we could see the left and right parts of the page as 
>> "information nugget" containers, where "nuggets" are in fact normal 
>> web pages, only with less content.
> Is anyone else working on this?

I was planing to implement it for the css-style skin!

With this skin it will be easy to implemend the nuggets view! I will 
make all div elements to be configured by the skinconf.xml.

I will have a look at it tomorrow and can tell you whether you can use 
it with the css-style out-of-the-box. ...but I reckon tomorrow you can 
use it this way ;-)

King regards

> I ask because I have a need to create a version of my site with no 
> navigation, no logo's no search boxes, nothing. I started out by 
> creating a custom skin, but then thought I should merge this RT with my 
> requirements.
> I have a version of my skin (based on book-tab) which allows me to 
> select which elements are to be shown and where. At present this allows 
> me to configure the skin (via skinonf.xml) to provide:
> - navigation on the left, the right or not at all
> - tabs on top or not at all
> - project & group logo's may not display (even if defined, sometimes I 
> want them sometimes I don't)
>> So, instead of special entries for search, credits, etc we could 
>> simply say in skinconf.xml what pages we want to include there. 
>> Navigation would of course be a "nugget" itself, as in fact it already 
>> is internally.
> My solution, at the moment, is working with the existing skinconf.xml 
> structure and simply uses a few <xsl:choose> elements when generating 
> the site.
> Here's example the new skinconf.xml elements for the navigation options:
> <!-- Configure navigation
>   tabs - the tab navigation
>     @location ("top", "none") - where to show the tab navigation
>   menu - the main navigation menu
>     @location ("left", "right", "none") - where to show the main 
> navigation menu
> -->
> <navigation>
>   <menu location="none"/>
>   <tabs location="none"/>
> </navigation>
> Clearly this is not general enough to meet the needs of this RT. So how 
> should we go about generalising things? One suggestion would be to use 
> the portal view defined by the portal engine in Cocoon (see 
> this would save us having to redesign the layout wheel (I confess I am 
> not familiar with this so I'm going on gut instinct here).
> Ross

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